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Where do I start?!

I gotta say this past week has been ‘quite’ the learning experience. As a blogger as well as an internet user/abuser.

For anyone that still remembers my blog, things have changed a bit. I originally had my blog through the free Then on a whim I purchased a domain, and webhost and started using for my blog.

I bit off way more than I could chew. I liken it to a kid in a candy store, or better yet.. everyone at the Thanksgiving dinner table. My head was very much bigger than my stomach – so to say.

I was caught up in all the hype. All the wonderful blogs out there that I have come to read. I started out hanging on every word Darren had to say over at Problogger. I figured if anyone knew how to make it work, Darren could show me the way.

Then I started hopscotching from blog to blog. It started out as a fellow commenter on a blog I read. Then it domino’ed over into something crazy. I think I jumped through the following blogs which gave me the idea I coulda/woulda/shoulda get my own domain. There was MizFit, Fitarella, Free Fitness Tips, Mark Salinas, and of course Fat Man Unleashed ( and that was just to name a few). Boy was my head swimming! Everyone had great looking websites, and their blogs were simple, yet commandeering, each in their own unique way. I was sucked into the idea of getting my blog out there… and possibly making money??!!Money Eyes

It seemed pretty straight forward. (Yeah… it SEEMED). I was handling my own, don’t get me wrong. I was able to download, get it synced with my webhost and had my blog up and running in 1 day. I had all kinds of great plug-ins, and flashy widgets. And the great part was I could use JavaScript programs as well as add in Google AdSense if I so choose! didn’t allow JavaScript, and I don’t think you could advertise on your free blog.

I was set!

The problem was… it was taking up too much time out of my day. I was spending oodles of time tweaking this, uploading that, trying this, trimming that. Every time a new set of ‘issues and problems’ would surface. First things would go out of alignment, then my file names weren’t the correct extension when uploading new files, and of course their was the plethora of management tools and extra gadgets you could get/use with your very own website. Did you want your site to be more than just a static blog? Did you want a start page, which was different from the blog page? Do you want to have memberships on your site? How about tracking, and site counts, or Google analytics? The list kept getting longer and longer.

Soon I was drowning in everything buy my damn blog and the content of my posts!!Surprise

So for some strange reason I was tinkering with my blogger account. Of which I didn’t even need or want, but created it to appease the Blogosphere so that I could comment on fellow blogs. You needed to use a Google/blogger account or your openID, blah, blah, blah. (Yet more information). I stumbled upon a setting in the blogger dashboard that mentioned a separate webhosting option??  Being able to use your blogger blog, but with a separate domain?!

Can that really be true? Is it really that simple? Well it was – sorta. LOL. And all of this for a mere fraction of the cost and time spent on my current management of my blog!

So I did some rearranging with the domain, and webhost and some quick acting purchasing skills. I was able to delete my account and remove the domain from my webhost, and purchase the very same domain through with Blogger and have them set up everything automatically. And to spread icing on the cake, all traffic from my free blogger blog and my new domain would all point to one spot on the internet. I thought “How cool is that?!”

Well as you can see that ‘transition’ took some juggling as well. I then had other nomenclature thrown at me.. like DNS and FTP server and a CNAME record! (aaghh, this is what I was trying to escape from!)

I hit a few roadblocks, stepped in a few potholes, and got dirt under my fingernails, but by golly I figured this damn thang out!!!

So here is where my new home is, here is where I’m stayin!

Easy, automatic, and with lots of options! Just what I was looking for.

So I do hope I get some of my readers to come back and visit. I’m still ironing out a few glitches with my RSS feeds, but for the most part the blog is up and running.

Sorry for the brash and obtuse interruption with my posts, but all will return to business as usual startin’ today!

Carpe Diem