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How Lazy Are We?

So today was ‘errand’ day, after making a trip to the gym for a quick workout. I had the pleasure of an empty gym.  Dancing


Sometimes being alone at the gym is so damn peaceful.

So during our ‘errand run’, we of course always end up at Wal-Mart at some point. (Doesn’t everybody?) I once again found evidence as to why we are such an obese nation and why obesity seems to still be a problem in this nation.IMG00014

It may be hard to decipher from this pic (that I took with my phone), but what you see here is more proof of how lazy someone can be. Apparently strolling your shopping cart over the ‘mulched’ median to place the shopping cart in the cart coral takes too much effort. Especially when it’s so much easier to just plant it in the median. Not talking

If you checked out my Kool Kernel post yesterday you hopefully stopped on over to my new blog. It may look vaguely familiar. I transferred all my posts from here over to there for continuity. I mentioned in one of my random bloginess posts, that I missed blogging about nursing. So the creation of this blog will meet my needs. I plan on having it my home base very soon. I will be merging this blog’s theme of being strong, mentally and physically with my nursing musings. I think it will be a good combination.

I will start mirroring my posts here and there to make the transition as seamless as possible. I don’t to lose any of my readers so please, if you follow my blog RSS feed, please add this new one. It will eventually replace To Be A Strong One.

Here is my new blog home : MyStrongMedicine and here is the RSS feed.

Twitter is all a buzz with all our new found nursing and medical personnel twits! It’s something to get used to!

I found a handy-dandy new tool by suggestion of a fellow nurse twitter that makes posting pictures to twitter via my mobile phone easy-peasy! If you’re wanting to post pics that you take on twitter while your on-the-go check out Posterous.

I hope everyone’s weekend was safe and enjoyable.

Carpe Diem


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Kool Kernels

Yes it’s Lovely Links you might Likey:

Are you overweight? Well apparently your heart may still be healthy here.

During your active lifestyle (right… right) do you stretch? Well Mark and this article have some interesting info regarding stretching. And FitMom has a great post on a great way to stretch your hips.

Jest for fun ~ Are you a movie fanatic? How about scientifically accurate information? Check this article out.

An older article suggesting how to deal with the gym-jerks.

You may not be a nurse, or even know a nurse, but you or someone you know will sooner or later NEED a nurse. Check out the latest information on the national nursing shortage.

Are you working your abs? *EEGGHHH* WRONG ANSWER. The traditional reference of the middle of your torso is now referred to as your CORE. I had blogged about this here. But this article gives you some additional information on your CORE.

AND LASTLY…. (Drum Roll)….

A great new nursing blog I found(ed). A great mix of nursing, fitness, wellness and a healthy lifestyle all rolled into one. Check out MyStrongMedicine. Winking

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I’m going to try. My midnight shift at the end of the week wrecked me as usual.

Carpe Diem.

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