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Get Rid of the Patient

Please remember to add my new blog home to your RSS feed. I am mirror posting here for a while in hopes to get all my readers to follow me to my new home.

My new home: MyStrongMedicine

OK. OK. It sounds worse than it really is. It was a joke made by a colleague in reference to the ‘common’ theme amongst different healthcare settings.

Think about it.

What do the pre-hospital staff want to do? The EMT and Paramedics are there to stabilize the patient, transport the patient to the appropriate facility (usually a hospital) and ‘Get Rid if the Patient’.

What if the patient is an in-patient. It doesn’t matter what acuity setting, Med-Surg, Telemetry, ICU. The staff is there to help mend wounds and facilitate recovery of the patient to either transfer them to an extended care facility (nursing home and/or rehabilitation unit) or possibly home and ‘Get Rid of the Patient’.

So now the patient is at the Rehab/Extended care unit. The staff there is responsible for ensuring the course of treatment assists in returning the patient to there pre-incident status and function. They progress the patient to function as independently as possible to discharge them home and …. ‘Get Rid of the Patient’!

LMAO. Big Grin

Aww. C’mon. It was a lil’ funny, wasn’t it?

Carpe Diem


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