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Blinking & Breathing I Can’t Complain

“Blinking & Breathing, I can’t complain”.

I never thought twice about this statement until recently. Whenever someone would ask me, “How are you doin’?”. I would always reply “Blinking & Breathing, I can’t complain”. It was a simple statement I came up with years and years ago to remind myself things are not as bad as they may seem.

We all can get caught up in the business of life. The human condition is tough, and survival of the fittest is no easy task. But that’s the key. Survival.

Nurses are trained to think in extremes. We always tend to think in ‘worst- case scenarios’. We collectively call it critical thinking. This way of thinking prepares us those ‘bad’ moments during our day (I think you can use your imagination on what a nurse considers a bad day, especially when we deal in life and death).

I think we often lose touch with this philosophy in our daily lives. I don’t think we should start viewing our lives as worst-case scenarios, but we should definitely keep things in perspective.

Cherish and treasure all that you have. Time is precious these days, and before you know it you may run out of it!! (time… that is)

If your blinking and breathing… on your own that is!… things just may not be THAT bad.

Carpe Diem

Please remember to add my new blog home to your RSS feed. I am mirror posting here for a while in hopes to get all my readers to follow me to my new home.

My new home: MyStrongMedicine 

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