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Remember.. Remember

Well I just got finished posting about FireProof, when I realized what today was.Time out

Today is August 15th. The 15th of the month has become somewhat of a urban legend in my life.

Let’s see.

I was born March 15th.

My re-birthday is September 15th. (I plan on blogging about that closer to it’s date)

August 15th is the anniversary of my car blowing up in flames.

UPDATE: I also sat for my CCRN exam August 15th of last year. I studied for the exam all summer and took it the day before we left for vacation. And I passed!

Yeah, that’s right. Today, after I just blogged about being FireProof. On this date in 2003, my car, a 1997 black Toyota Rav4 went up in flames spontaneously!

LOL. Waiting

Here’s the short-long version of that story.

I was working for a certain retail chain. It was my lunch break, and I was going to head home for lunch. (Back then I actually lived close enough to my job to be able to do that!)

I walked out into the parking lot being my crabby self. Mumbling under my breath about something going on with work when I noticed a puff of black smoke emanating from the parking lot.

I thought to myself… "Hmm. Is someone burning leaves on the other side of the fence in their back yard?"

I strolled down the parking lot aisle closer to my car, when I realized that the smoke was coming from the actual parking lot?! I thought, " DAMN. So poor chap’s car is on fire. Wow. That’s gotta suck a lot"

I drag my butt a lil closer to where I parked my car.. and as I get closer and closer to my parking spot..

I realize the source of that black cloud.. is none other than the hood of my car!!!

Do you have any idea how it feels to be watching your car go up in flames and not be able to do anything about it???

The end result:

A totaled car. The fire department of course showed up to do their thang. They ended up breaking out a couple windows to get to the source of the fire.. blah blah blah.

Thankfully I had insurance.

And more thankful that no one was hurt or injured. Especially me!!

Here are the aftermath pics. They may be kinda blurry. Yep. I keep these pics to help remind me of what’s important in life.


Carpe Diem


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2 Responses

  1. Yikes! Some serious damage…glad you were ok. Stay strong!

  2. @ Mark Thanks. I am doing my best!

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