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My Blog has been Fireproofed

Did ya notice anything different? Have a look see on the bottom right corner of the page. Confused

Yep. FireProof.

I just heard of it the other day while I was doing my usual Google Reader reading. I read a blog titled I Watch Stuff. Of course like the title implies, it’s all about upcoming movies. And this particular one sparked my interest for some reason.

It initially looked like another BackDraft’esque type movie with the Fire Fighter undertone. But it turned out to be something completely more interesting, at least to me.

Strong’s comment: For those that don’t know me, I’m a closet movie-geek.

Here’s why this seems so far out there.

First of all, I myself am not a very religious person. In fact I have this face I make every time religious-themed conversation comes up, or anything that refers to the ‘Lord’, or ‘God’.

Let me make things clear here. I’m not an atheist, I simply have my own opinion of things related to religion, the different cultures, the different religions, their individual beliefs and the notion of a higher power. You can blame my social upbringing, my college experiences, my college class work, and just my general bull-headedness for that.

Second, I take great pride in my marriage. I boast and brag not only about the woman I married, but how our marriage works. Somebody was looking out for me when our paths crossed, because up till that time, I was one sad and lost puppy bumping into walls and stumbling over my own paws and tail!

Strong’s comment: I married my best friend, and my equal. She is the most genuine, beautiful and strongest woman I have ever met

So here you have a religiously themed movie all about marriage mixed in with some great comradery and Fire Fighting action. Outside of my hang-up, I was hooked immediately.

It stars one of my all time favorite child-hood actors, Kirk Cameron. C’mon we all know and remember Mikey Seaver from Growing Pains.  I grew up loving that show. I watched it religiously! (no pun intended)

I do remember reading about how Kirk Cameron converted to Christianity.  I remembered that he married his on-screen love interest in real life and they had a very large family. And I vaguely remember reading about his decisions to leave Hollywood to pursue his belief full time.

So when I saw that he was the lead role in this, it only added fuel to the fire.(yet another pun) The movie looks pretty good to me. It’s all about saving and cherishing one’s marriage. Learning how to make your marriage FireProof!

The website is pretty slick too. It’s full of media information as well as some great video’s from the movie. You gotta watch the Salt and Pepper movie clip. The music isn’t too shabby either.

For all my married readers out there, this is a must see. No matter what your view is on Fire Fighting, or religion, or heck even Kirk Cameron. I think we could all benefit from learning how to FireProof our marriage.

As always take care of yourselves and yours. Carpe Diem


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3 Responses

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  3. […] that’s right. Today, after I just blogged about being FireProof. On this date in 2003, my car, a 1997 black Toyota Rav4 went up in flames […]

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