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So Simple and Effective, Yet We Avoid It

hug I’m talking about a Hug. I have 2 very close friends of mine that view a hug from the opposite ends of the pole. One avoids it like the plague and the other uses a hug as his hand shake.

Now my close circle of friends have always given him a hard time about this need and requirement for hugs. It was a personal joke that he did it for the attention from the ‘ladies’. In reality he hugs everyone the same.

The other friend simply is not a fan of hugging, she’d rather a handshake. She’ll hug ya whenever you give the call sign, but you can tell she’s simply ‘helpin’ a friend out’.

I for one trot down the middle of that road. I hug. And I don’t hug. I guess it was always based on the person or persons you were hugging. Whether or not I initiated or received the hug, it usually came down to who.

Idle chit-chat amongst our circle would determine that their hug-tendency was based upon their up-bringing. Hugs were standard in one home, while rarely seen by the other. I can’t say I gave it much thought.

Until now.

I was doing my usual Google Reader reading, visiting my usual blogs, news and other sites of interest. And like I always do I visited ZenHabits.

Today’s post really impacted me more than usual.

Thus the reason for my post. Not only due to the nature of Leo’s post, but the application it had in my life. More specifically the difference in my two friends. As I watched the last video I couldn’t help but start feeling better. I started to smile, and even chuckle at some of the parts of this video. And this was just watching a video on hugging, not actually performing a hug!


It took some reflecting and some self questioning, but the reality is, hugging makes you feel better. In this day and age of human disconnection and pseudo-human interaction, It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the hugging or receiving the hugging, the human contact impacts you. Whether temporary or not, it impacts you. And that my friends is powerful.

Just think what could happen if we all put down our fear of touching a stranger, and simply offered anyone willing to accept it, a Free Hug. Not only would you smile, but so would they.

While most will feel uncomfortable, and probably be smiling out of laughter and using the ‘goofiness’ factor as great coping mechanism for our fear of the unknown. It still leaves you feeling a tad bit better than you did before the hug.

How can that be a bad thing? How can that be wrong?

The act of hugging subliminally tells you and the person you are hugging that you care. You care, not only about the person you are hugging, but about yourself.

I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked caring for someone was never a bad thing.

Why don’t we do this more often?

Strong’s Comment : I unfortunately tried to find out more info on the Free Hugs Campaign, but the site was having problems last I checked.


As always take care of yourselves and yours. Carpe Diem


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9 Responses

  1. not only am I a huge hufgger, I’ve had to take measures to keep myself from hugging people at innappropriate times (like, when I just meet them.) It’s my instinct if a friend introduces me to her friend – I feel like I know them. But it prolly freaks people out and is not very professional (yes, I’ve hugged editors…)

  2. @WeightingGame Nothing but a good thing!!!

  3. Hugs are cool for the right people and time….a hug says allot.
    Nice post!

  4. @ Mark Thanks

  5. I am a HUGGER and I am PROUD!

    I love watching this video, always makes me cry.

  6. I was a touch-me-not. I have since warmed to physical interaction. You know how I knew my wife was the one I wanted to marry? She was the only one who could make me feel like everything was OK when the world was falling apart around me with a simple hug.

  7. My hubby and daughter give the best hugs! When I feel choked by life and I get a hug from Kenneth or Mazey it’s as if my soul takes a deep breath.
    This is how you know when God has put pieces of a puzzle together to make a beautiful picture. Your arms wrap around each other just right…and it simply fits.

  8. *waves hand*

    Im a hugger and raising a HUGE hugger as well.

    my daughter is my elderly jewish aunts in a touchfeely toddler bod 😉

  9. @ Fitarella It definitely moves you.

    @ Ken My wife does the same thing for me! It is an awesome feeling.

    @ Melissa You just love those moments.

    @ MizFit You look like the hugger type. LOL 😉

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