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Attention to Detail

It’s a never-ending merry go-round, this game we call life. And in order to survive the game we must always pay attention.

There are no ordinary moments in life according to Dan Millman, and I agree with him 100%. At the most mundane of times life likes to give you subtle reminders that "Yes, you need to wake up, straighten up and pay attention". And sometimes those reminders are not so pleasant.

Case in point:

I drive 70 miles to work, one way. So I spend quite a bit of time in my car. The other morning, yes my 4am mornings, I was at Sheetz (A gas station here in town, not sure if you have one in your area) to do my normal routine.

I get the oh-so-cheap gas for my drive (CHA-CHING). Money EyesAnd then I proceed to scrape off all the bug-guts on my windshield.

SIDENOTE: I drive nothing but highway roads, interstate, and city traffic, so I get quite a number of insects visiting my car at high speeds. My car is also parked in our driveway, which has direct exposure to all the elements. More specifically the blazing hot summer sun. So you can only imagine how many baked-in goodies are on my windshield after a day or two.

So here I am using a TON of elbow grease to grind off the remnants of some poor arthropod when my foot slips out from under me. Not so much to make me fall, but at least to lose my footing.

Now, I drive a mini-SUV. So in order to get to all of my windshield I do have to get on my toes sometimes and lean over the hood of my car. So my foot slips, I’m in a gas station … and I’m at the gas pump. So I chalk it up to an oil slick and go about my business.

I walk from one side of my car to the other repeatedly, because you know very well I can’t get all of it off in one try.

I walk around to the front of my car to make my way around the other side of my car and my foot slips again.

MAN, that must be one huge oil slick.

So I look down at my feet to get a look-see. And low and behold, there’s no oil.

I realize that my left foot is immersed.(yes I’m using the word immersed, because floating just didn’t do it justice)

Immersed in what you ask?

None other than your run-of-the-mill, post-bar-hopping, I had to much to drink and got the munchies… please pull into the gas station so I can get a chili-cheese-dog….VOMIT. Sick

Yep. My foot was immersed in a very large pool of vomit, that the gas station attendants so kindly forgot to clean up.

So it’s 5am-ish, my gas tank is full and my windshield is clean!

But my left shoe is not.At wits end

So here I’m thinking about how pleasant my 90 minute drive will be with the oh-so beautiful shoe odor in the car!

At the last minute, before I pulled out of the gas station, I realized there is a grass lawn area just past the entrance of the station.

I pull over my car and proceed to vehemently and violently power scrub my left show until all evidence of my immersion are eliminated.


Watch where you step. ALWAYS. Attention to detail my friends. Attention to detail.



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8 Responses

  1. Great point! Hopefully the shoe came out unscathed….Yuck!

  2. Great story! I’d like to point out that I am so happy biking and haven’t driven a car since May : )

  3. Yuck! And yes I know Sheetz! I get gas there every time I’m in Scranton. Always cheaper than anywhere else!

  4. @ Runner Girl I wish I could ride my bike!!! My drive is killing me!

    @ Shannon LOL Sheetz is the bomb!

  5. Oh how nasty!! Not a good way to start out the morning!

  6. @ Angie NOOO it was not.

  7. Haha. Very funny story (although I doubt it was that funny for you at the time). Train stations are also good places to keep an eye out for the stuff. People tend to get them trains back home after a night on the beer and then empty their stomachs all over the surrounding paths just in time for the unsuspecting morning commuters 😦

  8. @ Tom.. heh heh thanks for the tip!

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