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Thoughts for the Day


I wonder how much sleep the human body could go without before it starts to malfunction? And when it malfunctions’… what goes first? Heh heh

The lack of sleep can really mess with your mind sometimes. I should be in bed, but instead I’m here posting a blog.

So here are my random bloginess thoughts as I turn in for the night to get up and work a day shift tomorrow. I worked midnight on Monday.. came home Tuesday AM.. to go back out for a Wednesday day shift. Ugh.

  • shaving your head in the shower lessens the irritation on your skin
  • I love being bald (all or none baby)
  • I really hate typing in ‘nurse’ for an image search and the internet spits back nothing but porn!!
  • we need more male nurses dammit
  • there comes a point when your body gives you subtle reminders that it’s tired
  • driving while tired is dangerous.. don’t try the ‘windows down, radio blasting’ trick. It doesn’t work
  • I really hate how I feel after working a night shift – can you simulate being hit by a semi-truck?
  • sometimes saying no is harder than doing something physically trying
  • your body needs it’s rest in order to recuperate, and replenish
  • the guilt I feel for not going to the gym today, is much better than the torturous pain I’d put my body through if I tried to exercise on no sleep
  • there is no such thing as too much caffeine
  • the giddiness you experience when you’ve been up greater than 24hrs is rather entertaining sometimes
  • a sharp mind is hard to find after being up for 24hrs
  • even after drinking pot after pot of coffee and bottle after bottle of diet Pepsi, when you do finally get to hit the hay… you’re gonna wake up every flippin hour to urinate!!! (I can’t win)
  • spell check on your computer can be a life saver!
  • blood-shot eyes are soooo sexy.

Have a great one. I’m outtie.

Carpe Diem


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3 Responses

  1. i get loopy after being up more than 12 hours. i likes me sleep.

  2. i get loopy after being up more than 12 hours. i likes me sleep.

  3. @Every Gym’s Nightmare As you can see from my post.. I got a LIL loopy. Heh heh.

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