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WOO HOO! I Did It! (I think)

So I officially moved my blog over to a self hosted WordPress blog website.

I must tell ya it was not fun, nor was it a smooth transition. (Lots of bumps and frustrations!) At wits end

I learned a lot about web hosting, uploads, plugins, etc. And learned a lot about what I don’t know. LOL

I’m still in my infancy with developing a worthwhile looking and functioning blog website, but at the very least, I was able to carbon copy my WordPress.com blog and move it over to a self-hosted website.

So please update your settings with my blog website if you are a frequent visitor. If you’re one of my 6 RSS subscribers please by all means update and/or change my feed as well, I’d hate to lose everyone who’s been kind enough to read my blog.

My new RSS is : 2bestrong.net.

I will start the process of updating all my Web2.0 profiles to reflect my awesome new blog website! Party

OK OK.. maybe not awesome, but I  just love the idea of being able to add and/or delete anything to my new blog, as opposed to the JavaScript restrictions I had with WordPress.com.

I’m almost 100% positive I will have future headaches in regards to diving into the self-hosted world, but as of now.. I’m pretty pumped.

So please join me at the new home of To Be Strong.

I of course missed out on the .com address, and settled for .net. I figured it suited Darren over at Problogger just fine, so I should survive.Thinking

I’ll also start to trim away the fat here on this blog site, and have all arrows pointing towards www.2bestrong.net.

I successfully moved all my blog post from here to my new home, so I’m not exactly sure how that will all play out with backtracks and permalinks, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Thanks again to anyone and everyone who has blessed this place with your visits.


Carpe Diem


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2 Responses

  1. Much Congrats. Now soon you will be taking a stab at customizing your wordpress to a whole new level. Good luck.

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