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Mentality Monday: If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

The hard is what makes it great.

Lessons learned always come with a price. I myself have developed the theory that anything and everything I’ve learned of value I learned the hard way. Feeling beat up

If it was easy, it just wasn’t a lesson I think I retained. Or should I say, it was a lesson that was not embedded into me. Most of the easy lessons had to be repeated until it became a hard lesson learned.

For instance, when you were told to look both ways when crossing the street. Did you look both ways the first time? (I didn’t) I think I may have looked ACROSS the street and then crossed. I got away with that action for a lil’ while. Then one day I crossed and came millimeters from getting hit by a car. I think I felt the brush of the car against my clothing.

I chalked it up to chance. I thought to myself,”Aahh that’s a one in a million instance. That won’t happen to me again.”

Time moved on and I kept crossing the street, not looking both ways. I think I might occasionally look down the road one way, but never both.

Another typical day, and like clockwork I didn’t look. Low and behold there was a fellow neighborhood friend zooming down the street on his bicycle. If I could have clocked his speed I think he was reaching the 35mph mark. Before I could blink I can hear this funny ‘click-click-click’ noise and WHAM, BOOM, SKREEETTCH.

The next thing I remember is picking myself up off the road, and looking around for some sort of clue as to what happen. I’m scratched up. My knees and elbows are skinned clean and I think there is gravel in my ear?

We both end up having some lasting scars, but my fellow neighbor, myself and his bike survived the ordeal. Whew

Since then and to this very day, if I cross a road, I look both ways TWICE.

The moral of this story: No one chooses to take a header over their bike, or suffer a face plant on the road, but it’s a great learning tool.

Carpe Diem

This post is the first in what I’ve dubbed: Mentality Mondays, surviving life is sometimes simply a mindset.

Side note:

I recently purchased a domain and webhost. I’m in the beginning (learning) stages of creating my new home for my blog. So stay tuned! In the meantime I’ll keep on doin’ what I’m doin.



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6 Responses

  1. Good thoughts.

    I look forward to your transformation to self-hosting. You’ve built up quite a following here already!

  2. @Jerry Thanks for being one of them. I’m trying to get it up and running shortly. Nothing fancy as of yet. I’m still a baby at this!!! But I’m working on it.

  3. Great blog! It does always seem like we have to make the mistakes for ourselves before we can really learn the lessons. Its one thing to know we *should* do something, and its another to actually realize and understand that knowledge and apply it.

  4. @Sagan Thanks for visiting.. and yes you’re absolutely right.

  5. i find that i really only ever learn something if i do it wrong the first time. When isee what i did and why it was wrong, it will forever stick in my mind how to do it right. but i can do something right for years and then one day over think it and not have any idea how to do it.

    that was really vague, but its just how i learn.

  6. @Kelly Heh heh.. I understood ya. I do it too.

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