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Consider the source

We all to often jump head first into things. Patience is of course a virtue, but when something is heard, or spoken that flickers your emotions it’s hard sometimes to stop and let it marinate.

So where did you learn of this news or information? Who told you? Where did you hear it from?

The Internet has turned John Q. Public into a very informed society. But what kind of information are we consuming? We all too often believe what is in print simply because it just MUST be true?! Right?… uuuhh Right?

Or better yet, when someone claims to be an expert or a learned professional we should trust their judgement and recommendationā€¦. Right?

Yes, some things are true whether we choose to believe them or not. But make sure you consider the source.

Carpe Diem



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8 Responses

  1. Wow. That article on personal trainers is a real eye opener. I think the main thing you have to do is use common sense. If the information seems to good to be true or plain stupid then it most probably is.

    If it sounds reliable then do a little further research. For example, if Professor Smith says that supplement X can help you burn 10% more fat then I type into Google “supplement X burns fat” and see what come up. Try and find more studies that back up Professor Smith. If there are a number of seemingly reputable sources backing up what Professor Smith says then I can be a lot more confident in the source.

  2. I am putting a list of manly traits together for my blog and “Consider the source” will be one them. It is amazing how people read something or hear something and then pass this information along as truth. People want to be accepted so much and they feel having information that others do not (and sharing it with them) endears themselves to others. They need it fast and first and then want to share it.

    Very dangerous right now with near instant information available to anyone with a net connection and a computer.

    Love the site and the topics…kevin

  3. Whenever I need to check on the authenticity of a story I usually go with Borat. Why?

    – It’s free
    – It’s funny as bawlz
    – It’s more reliable than MSNBC


  4. @Tom AWESOME suggestion.

    @Kevin Thanks for the visit and the add! Our convenience society is debilitating oh so often.

    @Phil Heh heh.. thanks for the laugh.

  5. Strong, great position on that. One of the things that drives me absolutely batty about this this “new social media” is the rush to get the scoop – whether you have checked sources or not. Fact checking is not as sexy as saying it first, not dishing on something that isn’t reliable has the real potential to cause massive fallout…

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. @Ken I”ll take your money (2 cents) anytime! Greatly appreciated.

  7. its scary how anyone can slap something down on the fly, call themselves and expert, and people will believe it. i get people asking me all the time if i have heard about how this veggie will make you gain weight, or if you eat this nutrient with this other nutrient it will negate the effects, etc etc. how about we start working on thast daily big mac you have everyday?

    its dangerous, because people lack a basic knowledge about diet or exercise, but then hear these completely ridiculous “facts” and “findings” and start to eblieve them because they dont know any better.

  8. @Kelly ABSOLUTELY

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