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Everything put together falls apart sooner or later

Age is inevitable. Aging is guaranteed. From that bookcase you bought to that toy you had as child. Sooner or later it will fall apart.

The question is do you want it to happen sooner or later?

If it’s put together properly, it should last a good amount of time. If you take care of it, it should last. If you pay attention to how you handle it, it should last.

Now if you want to haphazardly put it together.. then it’s sure to fall apart soon. If you neglect it or handle it improperly… yep. Much sooner than later it won’t be around.

Maybe we should treat our selves like something we put together?

What do you think?

Carpe Diem

Core Comment Update:

I wanted to thank Derek Semmler over on The Man Page of Sparkplugging for generously including me in The Manival 8th Edition!


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17 Responses

  1. I really love this post.

    and it REALLY STUCK HOME since I turn 39 next month.


  2. @MizFit Does it matter I just turned 35?

  3. I should totally treat myself better. I know it. 😦

  4. @Maria I think we all know it, just have to work on it.

  5. I’m getting up there in years, but I think my best years are to come. It took me awhile, but I’ve finally found my true calling, my workouts have never been better, and I’m feeling pretty good.

    A few things need to be tweeked, but all in all, aging isn’t such a bad thing……………..:)

  6. BTW, I love where you put the HLB badge. Thank you………..:)

  7. @Lisa I feel the same way, age is sometimes like a fine wine!! ( At least that’s what I’m tellig myself) And your welcome!

  8. I definitely should take better care of myself!

  9. @MamaZen I think we all try!

  10. I just turned 40 the past week…yikes! Nice post!

  11. @Mark Age is still nothing but a number.. right?

  12. Couldn’t agree with you more. I want my body to do what I want – therefore must fuel and recovery properly.

  13. @Rachel I try my best!

  14. They say it’s never too late.

    I just hope to God they’re right, or I’m in big trouble… 😉

  15. @Skinny Guy Me Too!!

  16. Okay, okay – in some eyes, I’m still really young (27), but in attempting to keep up with my nieces and nephews (ages 18, 16, 14, 13, 13, 12, 8, 5, 4), I’ve learned that 27 not young at all in context.

    I heard the pace only picks up from here. Boo!

  17. @GEMMERZZ I’m tired just reading that.

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