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Father’s Day Random Bloginess

So I’d like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there in the Blogosphere.

My blog seems to holding. I still need to get into a habit of how and when to post with the two subjects I’m passionate about. (Mental and Physical strength)

I also downloaded the most recent Windows Live Writer, which I’ve been using to blog ever since it’s birth last year.

I initially did not like the upgrade, because I used a plug-in that inserted a bookmarking tool, and this new version isn’t compatible with the bookmarking tool. So now I’m changing gears and using Add This to the end of my blog posts for bookmarking.

This new version of Windows Live Writer is very cool with word count and picture editing tools as well as tabbed preview and auto-linking. MakeUseOf.com posted some great info on it. I’ll be curious to see how it pans out.

So to ring in today’s holiday I thought I’d share an email I sent to my Dad for his birthday this past year.

Happy Father’s Day Dad


  • How to pull his finger
  • How to appreciate everything I have or own
  • How to look something up in a dictionary
  • How to box
  • How to hit a baseball.. By practicing with a ping-pong ball.
  • How to fish
  • How to hunt…. And how not to scratch my cornea on a tree twig
  • How not to slide down the windshield of a car!
  • How to do backwards math
  • How to stick up for myself
  • How to have self-reliance
  • To be accountable for my actions
  • How not to play with a Rubik’s race.
  • How to moon your family on Christmas morning
  • To reap what I sow
  • How drinking alcohol is not all it’s cracked up to be… especially the morning after.
  • How to be independent
  • How to trust and be trust worthy
  • Learn the difference between what is good and what is right.
  • How to be humble.
  • How to never take anything or anyone for granted
  • What it means to be a friend
  • How to treat others.
  • The difference between arrogance and courage.
  • How to never give up, and never quit
  • How to kill a racoon in your attic with a compound bow.
  • How to feel safe.
  • How to change the oil in my car
  • How to install a car radio

My father taught me that we all get one chance to make our mark on this world, and if there is anything worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

I am the man I am today because my father cared enough to teach me how to BE a man.

He taught me how to become a man and he still teaches me every time I see him or talk to him on how to be a better man.

Everything that is good in me, is a direct result from the man who calls himself my father.

Chance favors the prepared mind, and my father never wanted me to be ill prepared.

Thanks dad for being you.

I am proud to say you are my father, and I brag about being your son.

Carpe Diem



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6 Responses

  1. this is so important huh?

    if only every father did:

    He taught me how to become a man and he still teaches me every time I see him or talk to him on how to be a better man.

  2. @MizFit I thank him everyday for it!

  3. @Fitarella Thanks

  4. Very nice. He sounds phenomenal. I like “How to stick up for myself.”

  5. @Leslie Yes he is.

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