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Damned if you do…

I think we as a society love complain about what’s happening TO US, instead of enjoying what’s NOT HAPPENING TO US.

When I ventured outside today to run my errands and head to the gym I happened to notice how unbelievably hot and humid it was outside. Of course I reflexively started to grunt and groan about how you could see the humidity in the air, and feel the steam coming off of the road and your car.Whew

As I was driving I realized how we are ‘Damned if we do, and Damned if we don’t’. Ever notice it’s either one extreme or another when it comes to being content?

At work we always talk about how we HATE when it’s so busy we don’t have time to pee. (And yes work has actually been that busy). But then on the flip side, when work is controlled and quiet… we then complain about being bored.Doh

Or like today.. we complain about the unbearable heat and humidity, but yet just less than 3 or 4 weeks ago I can remember the temperature being a high of 55! Confused (yes unfortunately I live in that type of climate here in the North East)

At what point do we enjoy what is going on and stop comparing the situation to what could, or should be the ideal situation?

It can ALWAYS be warmer, or cooler, or a more ‘comfortable’ climate. And yes work can ALWAYS be more manageable.

But don’t you think you should be happy that your their? Ever think about those individuals that would give their right leg to be out in that miserable heat? To just feel the sun on their face, or feel the grass in their toes?

Or how about the individual who is out of a job? Or someone who is injured and can’t work?

The list goes on. I do it as much as the next person, and I sometime’s have to give my self a ‘reality check’ every so often to shut myself up and simply enjoy the moment.

Are you enjoying the moment or are you too busy wishing for something else?

‘If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You get another chance.’

Carpe Diem

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16 Responses

  1. You are so right! It seems that we are never satisfied. And, while we’re wishing for something different, we totally miss out on what we have!

  2. @Mama Zen Absolutely! The hard part is recognizing what we’re doing. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Totally agree.

  4. You hit it right on! Let’s appreciate what we have. An old phrase that most have probably heard yet has so much meaning…
    “look at the glass as half full instead of half empty.” Nice post!

  5. I so work hard at enjoying the moment…and when I fear it’s gonna be a rough day I don my BE PRESENT tank top šŸ™‚


  6. @Mark Thanks for visiting!

    @MizFit do you have an extra tank top? šŸ™‚

  7. AMEN! Great post.

  8. @IzzyBeth Thanks!

  9. I tend to be a little more extreme with my “shut and stop complaining” thoughts like:

    Yeah its not sunny but somewhere some one stepped on a land mine and lost leg. i think i can handle a few clouds.

  10. @Kelly T I think as long as we’re reminding ourselves, no matter how we do it, it’s worth it. Thanks for visiting.

  11. preach it, brotha. šŸ˜‰

    this is something i stress to my nieces and nephews on a regular basis. accept those thing you can’t change and be a part of the solution for those things that you can!

  12. @GEMMERZZ It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes.

  13. Excellent outlook. My attitude really changed when I started asking what I can do to better my situation and realizing there was a lot more that could be worse…

    We are shoved full of so much crap about who we need to be – we don’t stop and see what we are not and should be thanking our lucky stars we are where we are are.

    I tell you one other secret that has come about in renewing my spiritual path… it is simply looking for the education to be had in the goings-on in life.

  14. @Ken Thanks for sharing your insights!

  15. Great post. It’s human nature to always want something we don’t have. Then when we get it we want something else. When work seems too busy I always stop and think; “I don’t have to work. I could pack it in tomorrow.” Then you start to realise that you would also have to give up your house, the security of knowing that you can eat what you want regularly, the comfort of having a bed to sleep in at night etc. When you actually stop and put things in perspective you realise how lucky you are.

  16. @Tom The most difficult part is TAKING that step back to reevaluate.

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