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No one can make you feel bad without your help

Yeah right.

C’mon is it really that simple. How in the world can someone’s action only be effective if you help them?

Hmm. Yes it really is this simple. It’s a simple choice. Remember it’s not what happens to you that matters so much as to how you react to it. It’s your reaction that is the catalyst for you state of mind and your feelings toward the whole scenario.

Here’s a thought. The next time someone tries to ‘guilt’ you into something. Stop and think about the actual action. Am I going to allow this to hurt me? Allow this to make me sad? Allow this to ruin my attitude for the day?

Irregardless if what is being said is true or not.. it’s how you react to it that counts. Are you going to internalize it and let it eat you up inside.. therefore ruining all your chances of having a pleasant and happy moment. Or do you consume the information as an experience. Accept it for what it is and learn from it. Accept your fault or accept someone else’s fault and decide what you want to learn from it, to adapt and be better for the next situation that arises.

Any experience, good or bad, you will ALWAYS learn something. And any learning experience is a GOOD experience.



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6 Responses

  1. I so SO **SO* agree.
    it’s all in line with the rambles from my monday of ITS NOT ABOUT YOU.
    most of the time when people are cruel in an EFFORT to make you feel badly it is because *they* are feeling shi***/badly/poorly about themselves or something in their lives.

    your last sentence nails it perfectly.

  2. @MizFit your feedback is GREATLY apprecitated. I only hope we all could recognize this before it happens.

  3. Great thoughts. I have a hard time letting things roll off and not cloud my day. But usually end up being more mad at myself for not letting it go than the other person lol

  4. @Leslie I too am my biggest critic.

  5. A little late, I know… but as the great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

    SO TRUE!

  6. @GEMMERZZ Absolutely.

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