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Random Bloginess

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about and tinkering with this new blog of mine. Trying to make it unique, trying to make it interesting, and of course trying to attract attention. I’m reading and researching from the A-list Bloggers around the Blogosphere. Soaking up any and all helpful hints for a successful blog.

I think in time I’ll try and produce some revenue from my blog (who wouldn’t!), but for now I think I should concentrate on the CONTENT of this blog.

My theory on a good blog, or at least a blog that can last is making as many posts as possible. Although I just read an article from Problogger on frequency on posting on your blog that states there might be such a thing as too man posts. LOLDoh  I can’t win.

I’m trying to network as best I know how. I’m on Twitter (Twhirl), Plurk, Pownce, FriendFeed and Profilactic. I just added a Lens on Squiddo as well!

I’ve been thinking about the advertising portion of my blog. I did some quick research on WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org. and as of now I think I’ll stick to the basics! Just a lil too much information for me to consume this early in the game.

I wanted to add all kinds of fun and cool widgets that help market and increase traffic to my blog, but my options are extremely limited using the free blog option. Not only don’t I know enough to invest in a paid webhost blog, but I’m not ready to invest the money (at least not yet).

I think I need more readers before I go and spend money on a blog! Heh heh.

I’ve been thinking about a weekly post. I want to start a theme of some sort. Maybe have one day a week dedicated to the ‘mental‘ aspect of my blog, and one day dedicated to the ‘physical‘ aspect of my blog. I also don’t want to limit myself to just a blog on nothing but information. I want it personal. Which is why you’re getting my random bloginess! I don’t want it to be just pictures and ‘how-to tips. I want to share what I do, and why I think it can help.

I do want to maintain some sort of balance with my ‘strong’ work between mental strength and physical strength. I would love to hear any suggestion you may have regarding this topic. ( I thought about Mental Mondays? or Tough Tuesdays?)

I’m hoping to start interacting more with those who read my posts. Get some feedback as to what they like, not like. I want this blog to be unique. Take health and fitness from a different angle.

I named this blog because of answer my wife gave me when I asked her to describe me in one word. LOL Yeah, I dare you to try and describe yourself in one word. (Not as easy as you think) She told me I was Strong. I had mental/emotional strength and physical strength. Little did she know it would turn into this adventure. ( I have to apologize to her constantly since I spend my free time messing around with this thing a lot lately)

So began the birth of ‘To Be Strong’. The Strong One. I’ve decided to keep my identity somewhat hidden behind this persona for now. Although in the very near future I think I’ll be V-casting, or Vod-Casting or Vlogging with my posts. So my face will soon be plastered all over my blog. (Uh oh)

I look forward to anyone’s input and suggestions for what you think might be a good fit for this crazy adventure I have started.

Carpe Diem

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9 Responses

  1. Love the site so far man. Your posts are very personal (even though you haven’t shared your identity) so that makes them unique and that’s what people are looking for. Just keep going in the direction you’re going, comment on other blogs, build relationships with other bloggers, write reviews of other sites and link to their sites so they come check out your site when they see the trackback, and keep providing frequent and valuable content. Do all of these things for 6 months to a year and you should start seeing some great results. At least this is what I’ve read everywhere…my blog is only a little over 2 months old but I’m starting to see some good signs of life.

  2. Just a note to say hello. I paid two years in advance for Blue host and paid a web designer for my design. Cost a few hundies. Love it though. So much more freedom. WordPress has a lot of rules and they can shut you down for too many links.

    Get your wife a laptop so she can blog too!
    It’s fun and addicting.

  3. @Tony Thanks for the compliment and the visit! I guess I just have to be patient. I appreciate the feedback.
    @Rachel Good tip. Thanks for the info and the visit.

  4. Great stuff, Strong. I will share with you that I am early in my game on this as well and learning all the time. I still don’t know what I’m doing and even have the benefit of knowing someone in the game… however, I have to ask very pointed questions for answers…

    I find as I blog and network I keep coming back to a core focus of build content, more content, write content – and quality is a key.

    You have a great voice, and your posts are actually rather interesting. Like Tony said, you keep a personal tone even though I still don’t know who you really are šŸ˜‰

  5. @Ken Thanks for the compliment. As for my identity, I’m partially there. That really is me in the profile pic… just without my head! I plan on posting about online identity in the near future.

  6. Gotta agree with most of the posts so far 2bestrong. You are doing a great job so far. Mental Monday and Tough Tuesday sound good but I would probably change to Tough Thursday just so your posts are more evenly spread. However, splitting the content between physical and mental strength is a great idea. I’ve done a few posts on mental fitness/strength on my own blog but not enough. The content does mainly concern physical strength.

    As for WordPress.com vs WordPress.org and free hosting vs paid hosting I’ve got to say that hosting your own WordPress.org blog is the best long term option. You may not be ready for it now but you really should make the switch in the future because it is so much more flexible. The cost of hosting is not actually that much either. If you add a bit of Google Adsense to your posts the blog usually pays for itself without being overloaded with advertising.

    You also need to consider the longer you leave it the more it could affect your blogs search engine rankings. At the moment you are getting ranked for pages from; https://2bestrong.wordpress.com/. I’m assuming that when you switch to paid hosting you will want http://2bestrong.com/ or something similar. When you make the switch all your posts will have to be re-indexed for this new domain name. I don’t want to scare you but it is something to consider.

    Anyway, you have done a great job so far and whatever you choose I wish you all the best. If you ever want any advice regarding blogging just give me a shout.

  7. @Tom I absolutely appreciate all your great feedback. I think I’ll be taking the next step here shortly with getting a webhost.
    I never even thought about my indexing, so thanks for that great info!!

  8. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Greets.

  9. @ BigBan You’re welcome.

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