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What are you looking at?

“Dress for success”

This rule does not apply when we are referring to the gymnasium, the gym, fitness center,etc. (what ever term you used to describe where you exercise)

Did you ever notice those who ARE dressed for success. Meaning the ones in the expensive clothing, or maybe the person who smells the best with their favorite cologne/perfume. How about those individuals that “over-match”. Oh c’mon you know the type. The clothes they wear matches the shoes they have on, which matches the wristbands or headband, which of course matches their gym bag and all it’s accessories.

All of the above aforementioned aren’t looking for success, at least not success in the fitness arena. In my humble opinion these individuals suffer from the ‘Look-at-me-syndrome’. Yep, look at me. Look how great I look. Did you notice how good I smell. Do you like my new shoes?

The person who is dressed for success when they’re gearing up to exercise is that person with the old shirt and shorts on. The person with worn in shoes, or a cut-off T-shirt. They have a tattered bag that looks like it went through trash compactor and survived the trip. And they surely don’t smell like roses.

They don’t come to socialize. They don’t come to flirt. They don’t come to admire anyone or anything else. Their main goal, their main drive and focus is simply the task at hand. ‘I got work to do’.

And these are the people who get and see results.

Here is a video clip that is actually an advertisement for a product. But the video itself encapsulates exactly what I’m talking about. I must mention I first saw this video while reading Israel’s blog Fat Man Unleashed. So I cannot take credit for this great video. (Thanks Israel)


The next time your working out, take a gander around you and see who is there to work, and see who is their to watch others work.

Which one are you?

Carpe Diem


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4 Responses

  1. Totally agree with you here. You should go to the gym to work out and nothing else. Most of the time I do this but sometimes I do get distracted and socialise too much.

  2. @ Tom Heh heh.. nothing wrong with a LITTLE socializing.

  3. High School Jock rocks!

  4. @ Phil We all know of one!

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