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Just One More

What if it only took one extra piece of effort to make that change you’ve been waiting for? What about just one degree?


It’s not your aptitude, but your attitude that determines your altitude

Happiness is a state of mind, not a situational result. We are not happy because of what may happen to us, or what may not happen to us. We are happy because we CHOOSE to be happy. We are unhappy because that is how we choose to react to what happens to us.

Yes, of course there is sadness, and heartache, failure, losing, etc. But all of these events are simply that. They are events in our lives. An event that impacts us in some way.It’s your choice on how it will impact you. It’s your choice on how long it will impact you.

Every event in your life is a learning event. And every learning event is a positive impact on one’s life. Therefore every event has the potential to be a positive.

Think about it.

Why do we hang on to a happy moment, or relive the good ole’ days as much as we can? Because it impacted us in a good way, a positive way….. That made us happy.

Why do we try to ignore an unhappy or upsetting moment, or try our best to delete it from our memory and forget it? Because it impacted us in a bad way, a negative way….. That made us unhappy.

When you get in a car accident…You total your car. You walk away unscratched.

Are you happy or unhappy?

You wake up in the morning sore, tired, achy and down right cranky…

How long will you be in this state of mind, in this mood?

Are you happy or unhappy?

The list goes on.

Is this choice easy? Of course not. If it were easy than everyone would already be doing it!

It boils down to one simple human reaction, your attitude.

Your attitude is a choice.

Your happiness is a choice.

A choice.


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2 Responses

  1. Loved the video and your post is so true. Attitude is so important in determining what we can or cannot do. If we tell ourselves we cannot do something, then we never will, regardless of our actual abilities. If we tell ourselves we can do something we give ourselves the possibility of success.

  2. @ Tom Thanks for the comment. The mind is a powerful tool.

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