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Has anyone seen the remote?

I thought I’d touch on one of the pearls of wisdom from my last post.


Have you ever spent an extended period of time searching for the remote control to change the channel on the TV, or to simply turn on the TV?

Have you ever spent a longer amount of time in the parking lot of a store looking for that ‘close’ spot?

Did you ever wait for the elevator to take you to the 3rd floor? Or even the 2nd floor?

Do you stand still on the escalator? Or stand still on the motorized walk-way at an airport terminal?

Do you mow your lawn with a riding mower? With a power train rear wheel assembly?

When was the last time you walked instead of driving?

Now I do understand that some of these situations are unreasonable. If you have a lot of acres of land, then yes by all means use that tractor! If driving to work takes you over an hour to get there.. then you’re obviously not going to walk to work!

The point being, we as a society seem to find the easiest way of doing things. We will automate just about anything. We will shorten the time it takes to accomplish something if that means less work, or less manual labor, or less physical effort.

Yep, we are an obese society. Are you surprised? How can we be surprised when our youth’s main concerns these days are their MySpace page, or what their score was on Guitar Hero.

I can remember when I was young,  leaving my house early in the morning.. and not returning until sunset only because I had a curfew! I was moving non-stop. I hated sitting in the house, and I absolutely hated being bored.

What happened?

Instead of scheduling pee-wee football games, or little league baseball tournaments our youth is stuck in the ‘couch potato’ vacuum.


Too tired you say? Well I guarantee if you start making ‘more movement’ a habit, you’ll actually have more energy and sleep better at night!

Think about it the next time your out. What could you do to burn just a few more calories today? What could you do to expend a little more energy?


Carpe Diem


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6 Responses

  1. Great article… I tell you it is easy to let the ‘important’ things take your focus away from those things that are really important. I have wondered at times what it might be like to shut it all down and move to an island where it only cost me $3 / day to live…

  2. Great post! I know a lot of people who would find this very useful.

  3. @ Ken & @ musclepost thanks for the comments. And yes, we do forget some of the most basic things!

  4. It’s amazing how our gizmos turn us into mush. Good observation.

  5. @ Phil Thanks

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