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Under the Influence

A new study suggests that social networks are helping and hindering society’s behavior.

How do you and those you know compare to these results? Do you belong to a social network? And if so… how much does it influence your everyday life decisions?

Food for thought.

Carpe Diem

Social networks more powerful than thought? – Washington Post- msnbc.com


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One Response

  1. Depends; are blogs considered a social-network?

    I have signed up for FaceBook under my pseudonym and under my real name; in the former I’ve had some fun, in the latter I’ve kept it reserved for networking purposes, should I ever need to look for work.

    Since I keep my personal account ‘clean’, I am probably not exposing myself to the potential negative effects of a social network. Since no one ‘knows’ who is behind the pen-name, I am probably not gaining any benefit from it, either.

    Call it a wash.

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